Palu Diversion Weir and HEPP Project is located in Palu District, Elazığ Province in the Eastern Anatolia Region. The annual energy generation of the project is planned as
334.12 GWh.

The body of the diversion weir will have a composite structure. The spillway and the water intake structures are planned as reinforced concrete, whereas the saddle dam, which will be along the same axis, is planned as an embankment. The volumes of the concrete body and the clay core fill will be 92,500 m³ and 62,700 m³ respectively.

The powerhouse designed adjacent to the diversion weir is composed of 3 main units and 1 small unit, amounting to a total installed capacity of 144.47 MWe.

The spillway structure is designed on the diversion weir body and its discharge capacity is 5,412 m³/s.

When Palu Diversion Weir and HEPP Project is completed, it will be the Largest HEPP by Installed Capacity among the run-of-river type hydroelectric power stations in Turkey.

CompanyKalehan Murat Enerji Üretim A.Ş.
License NoÖN/6892-3/03633 – 02.02.2017
Installed Capacity147.42 MWm / 144.47 MWe
Total Energy334.12 GWh
Design Discharge868.70 – 1,108.26 m³/s
Gross Head20.02 – 16.00 m
Net Head18.60 – 14.58 m
Crest Elevation863.30 m
Flood Water Level861.00 m
Operation Level861.00 m
Minimum Water Level857.00 m
Thalweg Elevation852.50 m
Tailwater Elevation840.98 – 845.00 m