Hydroelectric energy is the cleanest of the available energy sources and has a well-established technology. In hydroelectric power plants, the kinetic energy of water falling from a higher elevation to a lower elevation is used to rotate the turbines and generate electricity.

Hydroelectric power plant schemes with storage not only generate electricity but also serve many other purposes such as flood control, irrigation, development of fisheries, development of tourism and facilitating transportation. Besides, hydroelectric energy is domestic and renewable; it is a strategic energy source that will not be exhausted as long as the world’s water cycle continues.

Hydroelectric energy technology:

  • Has long economic life, 
  • Is widespread,
  • Is environmentally-friendly,
  • Has low operation and maintenance costs,
  • Has no fuel cost,
  • Has high efficiency,
  • Has flexibility and ease of operation,
  • Is based on a domestic resource which is not foreign-dependent and which secures energy supply.

In this regard, Kalehan Energy projects are designed, constructed and operated as sustainable facilities, using the latest high-efficiency technologies and minimizing environmental impacts.

The electromechanical/hydro-mechanical equipment used in our projects are supplied by companies that are experts in hydroelectric energy technology in Turkey and worldwide, prioritizing “high quality” and “reliability” over “cost”.